Modern Icons by Romero Britto at Imitate Modern


Kate and Will look-a-likes in the window at Imitate Modern

So on Tuesday- right after the GOSH charity event, I had another event to go to!

I had been a busy bee organising another art exhibition… This time for the work renowned artist, Romero Britto. Having been a collector of his work for many years, it was a pleasure to work with him and his team in bringing together this incredible show.

The show, which will run for 3 weeks at Imitate Modern is called Modern Icons and celebrates modern day pop culture icons, including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and HM Queen Elizabeth II, alongside portraits of The Pope, Chairman Mao, Henry Matisse, Brigitte Bardot and Jesus. The three-part exhibition will feature four original oil-on-canvas Royal portraits as well as a further series of numbered, limited edition prints and other collectibles including Mixed media fine art sculptures, and collectibles.

We had the private view in the gallery with delicious canapes provided by Getti, and drinks by Campari – followed by a private dinner in ballroom at Beach Blanket Babylon.

To look at the work, as well as the other merchandise available, click here.

Lots of pictures below!


Oliver Rothschild and Romero Britto

More pictures from the party below…

Fallonista and Carina

Tamara Ecclestone

Tamara Beckwith and Giorgio Veroni

Carina, Andrew and Andrea (from Getti)

Designer Noelle Reno and Scott Young

Romero Britto