Hotel Review: Fawsley Hall in Northhamptonshire, England

Fawsley Hall

After a long search of trying to find somewhere in the sun this past Easter weekend, we (Jonsy and I) gave up and decided to be a bit adventurous in England. We booked ourselves in for the weekend at Fawsley Hall. Considering I am no country bumpkin, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. However, if GQ Magazine can say “We can think of no better than Fawsley Hall” it has to be good.

After an easy hour and half drive down from London, we arrived to one of the most picturesque views ever. Surrounded by three lakes, sheep, green hills and absolutely nothing, lies Fawsley Hall. Beautiful, romantic and a bit daunting for the likes of city slickers.

The staff at Fawsley Hall are nothing but lovely and helpful (they were happy to organise all of our activities and give us suggestions). Although, if there is one complaint, they need to train their serving staff a bit better; slow and forgetful comes to mind.

The main hall where you can sit for afternoon tea, or pre/after dinner and enjoy drinks was absolutely incredible! It truly takes your breathe away the first time you go in.

My one main complaint about my stay has to be the bedrooms. To say it looked nothing like the pictures or the description, is an understatement. Pure lies! It wasn’t horrific but considering I was expecting something else, it was a bit of a shock.

A redeeming feature of Fawsley Hall is the food! Bess’ Restaurant has a great menu, and the only problem was deciding what to order. The menu selection was wonderful, and the food even better!

Fallonista’s Star Rating
✩✩✩ 1/2

P.S. – For me the room really let it down, but I will definitely go back and make sure I get one of the rooms that’s in the pictures!

The main hall

Bess’ Restaurant