CJG Press Launch: Green is the new red

Me, Chloe Green & Maximilian Wiedemann

Last week I went to one of my best friend’s shoe launch… CJG. I can’t explain how proud I am of Chloe that after all the hardwork she has put into this project, she finally has something to show the world.

The shoes are incredible (I’m already excited about the Autumn/Winter collection)… each of her shoes are named after important people in her life, to give it that little extra personal touch. The colour green of the soles is just beautiful, can’t imagine how many of samples of green Chloe must of gone through to select this perfect colour!

For the event itself one of the fabulous artists, Maximilian Wiedemann from my gallery Imitate Modern painted 4 of her shoes. The shoes looked even more amazing when they were 2 metres tall!

Congratulations Chloe! xxx

The CJG: my favourite heel from the collection, just wow!